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SOUFEEL and ZALORA: Back to Back Reviews

It’s still the love month and I couldn’t be any happier! So much has been going on for us as a family. Blessings, left and right! Papa has finally been scheduled for his heart operation. I was able to pass my exams in MOD!!!

Let me just share another blessing that I received this Valentine’s day. I’ve been dreaming of it since last year, and now I have one! SOUFEEL jewelry is sold in more than 70 countries on six continents through their official website. They offer free shipping for orders above $49! I researched on reviews before and a lot of YOUTUBERS and bloggers have been raving about it. The quality is very, very good and most of all, they have a FREE-RETURN Policy for one year!

R had a smooth transaction with them online. It came after 10 days but it’s okay since he also ordered a personalized charm with a photo of us and that usually takes 3-4 days to be made. I don’t mind waiting, anyway. It was worth it! 🙂



I find the charms expensive so I ordered the other charms from ZALORA. I was just browsing through their website (they also have an APP, too) and saw this! It was on sale!!! For 12 charms, I got them for less than P600. Hehe. That was 1/5 of a charm from Soufeel and almost 1/10 of Pandora’s! What’s important for me is the bracelet, though. I am sure that it will last a lifetime 😀

ZALORA has excellent service nuon pa. I think my very first purchase with them was way back 2012. YES. Ganern ako sa online shopping. Alam na alam ko yan. HAHA.

They offer free shipping for purchases P995 and up. They also have Free Return Policy for 30 days and also included in your parcel is their return form. So far, so good naman ako sa kanilang products kaya wala pa akong experience sa returns. Their delivery service is fast and may magtetext pa sa’yo to update you na darating na ung parcel mo within the day. SWEET 😀


So, that’s it for today, Amigas! If you have memorable online shopping experiences, share nyo din sa amin! Let’s make our chikahan more interactive! Type your heart away! 😀



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