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#proudandhappyat30: My First Birthday (as a MOM) and My Take on Living Life to the Fullest

This post is very timely as BabyR is celebrating his 7 months in the world today! Hip-Hip! 7months ago, I felt like I’m a totally different person. Truly, being able to carry and give life to a human-being is the very essence of being a woman. For 9 terrifying and glorious months, in my case 8 months, I nurtured and formed a life inside me. I once watched a video on YOUTUBE on how a fetus is magically formed inside the womb and it just made me cry so hard. It was pure joy and awe that I felt within me. The experience of IT is quite moving and fascinating.

2 days ago, I reached the age of 30 and I can never be happier! YES! I’m proud of my age! No offense, but I’m still in the process of understanding why some people tend to hide theirs. It’s a blessing, guys! Why shy away from counting your added years in your life?? WHYYYY???

(Nah-highblood tuloy ako.)

To those who do not know me well, I’m a self-professed shopaholic. YES, again. Well, that was before I got married. Ngayon, slight na lang. I still have limits naman. So ito na nga, 2 weeks ago before my birthday, I found myself browsing again sa aking favorite website tambayan many years back – Metrodeal. Imagine, with my post-pregnancy brain, I still remember my password! I guess shopping really makes wonders. HAHA. Being frugal that I am right now (WEH), I searched for the most tipid and sulit deal na swak sa budget ko. Good thing may bagong mall sa Ortigas near R’s workplace. We went there for like 3 times na ata and I find it relaxing. Konti lang tao kasi konti pa lang ung open shops. HEHE. Thanks to Ayala Corporation for building  and creating Park-y  Themed malls nationwide! I soooo LOVE AYALAMALLS! **The downside ng The 30th Mall? Ang mahal ng parking fees. So if you’re near UP TOWN MALL in QC, you might as well check that out too, mas malaki and and parking fee, P20 lang/flat rate.** (You’re welcome!!!)

I got the deal for 50% off at Mesa! Favorite resto din namin ‘to ni R. Affordable ang food at super yummy!

These arrived at our doorstep. HUHU. Thank you, love! 

It was a pleasant surprise from R. He usually does this naman pero it never fails to surprise me. I am not so much of a flower-girl pero every time he does this, I feel kilig and it makes me want to kiss him and cook for him! You see, love in marriage is a continuing process. I believe that if one gives, the other receives and also gives back. And the cycle goes on…

My sistahs! Kunware-may-ipis-pero-maganda-padin-pose!

Pose taken from LIZ-QUEN movie. Haha. I love my sibs for life!

Family- the reason for my being.

Another year added to my age is nothing as opposed to lots and lots of learning along the way. From friends worth-keeping, food worth-cooking, movies and KDramas worth-watching, problems worth-solving, cups of coffee worth-waiting, to Instagram posts worth-liking and so much more, I’d say that living life to the fullest is not by counting the numbers, but by making each number count.

I am Sarah. I am 30. Proud & Happy.


4 thoughts on “#proudandhappyat30: My First Birthday (as a MOM) and My Take on Living Life to the Fullest

  1. I also had my first child when I was thirty… dont ask me anymore how many years ago was that bwahahaha. but I think its a wise thing to have a child at age 30 because at least we are mature enough to handle all the challenges


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