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Because sometimes, STAIN is good. (This seems to be a rant post; you’ve been warned.)

On our wedding day, my Uncle, who’s also one of the officiating pastors said, “Si Sarah, napaka-sipag nyan.. mag-aral. Hindi yan hahawak ng walis-tambo o maghuhugas ng plato. Pero kaya nyang magbasa ng libro buong araw.” In truth and in most fact, he’s right. I am never the domesticated one in our house especially before I got married. I remember when I was a kid, Papa would let me sing NON-STOP while he and mama do the laundry. You see, we were raised to become independent, but sometimes, nakakalusot lang talaga kami sa paggawa ng gawaing-bahay. 

Whatever the reason is/was, I know in my heart that I was not made to be a “taong-bahay”. Although truthfully, I am not a “kaladkarin” when it comes to galaan neither. That’s why my parents kept telling R’s family before we got married that “Naku si Sarah, walang alam sa bahay yan. Baka sabay kayong mamatay ng dilat”. YES! Laglagan to the max during the pamamanhikan days. I believe naman my parents mean well. They just want R to realize what kind of woman he’s about to marry.

We got married and lived blissfully thereafter. I cooked for R – breakfast, packed baon sa office, packed lunch and dinner, and even washed his clothes! Oha! Sisiw lang… NUON. Thanks to whoever invented the automatic washing machine! It truly saved the lives of many.

A year or so, I got pregnant and Baby R is now 6-mos old. TIME FLIEEEES. YES. At first, everything seemed fine. Back then, I enjoyed being in bed in the mornings without having to worry about what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All I needed to think about was my painful stitches and that’s it. We stayed for about 5 months in our in-laws and I can’t be more grateful for them. We had a house-help that’s why everything was a breeze for me, and for us, actually.

Fast forward to today, I hardly have a good bath time for myself. Swerte na talaga ung makaligo ako ng 5 minutes in peace. Last week, I did the laundry and accidentally stained R’s polo! Gosssh. I almost cried in disbelief. All I had to do is put the clothes to our automatic washing machine and this happened??? Seriously, Sarah??? I immediately apologized to R when he saw it, and promised that it won’t happen again. Because you know, stupidity sucks.

And then just the other day, R and I argued about something which seemed to really bother me for the last four days. I was trying to fix my cabinet stuff to be more “organized” but then I have a baby boy who’s getting clingier every day. Kaya I never get to finish any thing I started. R came home to the mess I made with the bed with all my clothes and stuff. He frowned as if he never had a good dinner, which by the way, I cooked for him! I felt super offended with what he showed me and begged him to just simply understand and know where I’m coming from. I’ve been up all day to cook, feed baby R, vacuum the house, laundry, and cook again. Prior to that, I was asked to answer logical tests for the online job I applied to, which thankfully, I passed.

The arguments lasted for almost 4 days. Very light lang naman but I really felt offended and annoyed kaya nahirapan ako mag-move on. I can’t accept the fact that what I did, which I never really did on purpose, would make him upset just like that. After all the house chores I’ve been through, and all the mommyhood-overwhelming (post-partum depression) moments I’ve conquered, this is how he would react? Nasa’n ang hustisya, Bes???

And so finally, we talked through it and decided to compromise. After 2 years of marriage, I figured out and just accepted the fact that my husband is a neat freak… and I’m not. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong about that. Atleast I was able to vent everything out to him.  I now feel a bit recharged. (Win-win situation for the both of us. Haha. ) I’ve read somewhere that there are people who can’t stand a mess. Now, I get it. He’s a person who wants to always come into a nice and quiet home. Fun fact: His clothes in the cabinet are even arranged from lightest to darkest!

And now, here I am. Trying to sprint and jump in high heels, while researching the internet how to remove stains on clothes.


4 thoughts on “Because sometimes, STAIN is good. (This seems to be a rant post; you’ve been warned.)

  1. Haha. Natawa ako kasi I can relate. I am the oc, neat freak one. Hans on the other hand is messy! He does have his own neatness, but it’s organized chaos!!

    What I learned was to lower my standards (a bit). I am meticulous but I have to adjust, otherwise mag-aaway talaga kami. I also learned the art of deadma.. Over small things. 4 years married now and we still argue over this. Haha. It’s a never ending process.. But at the end of the day tinatawanan na lang nya ang ka-ochan ko. Haha ! Iba rin.. Adjust and compromise worked for us 🙂 a.

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    1. Yuhh. Organized chaos it is! I’m a bit messy but I make sure I find stuff I need even with my eyes closed! OMG. I’m having this love-hate relationship with his OCness, actually. :)) Ang hiraaaaaap pero nakakatawa.Hahaha!

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  2. OMG If i’m R’s wife our marriage won’t last a day! LOL. My craft stuff is super messy. I am a recycle-freak and I tend to stack things!


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