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Nakong’s Mei Tai from Nanay at Ako Boutique Review

Babywearing, just like breastfeeding, is something that’s not instant. It requires full attention and tons of tries before you get the hang of it. Indeed, determination is key. 

I ordered a Mei Tai Carrier from Nanay at Ako Boutique (Facebook) and surprisingly it arrived the next day via JRS Express. One of the reasons I went for it is that it’s highly recommended by moms on BabyWearing Philippines Group (Facebook). We used Next9 ringsling before. Aside from it being cheap, it also brings comfort to both the carrier and the baby, of course. 
As a mom who stays at home all day, a one-hand-only-situation is not a joke. Especially if you have a weighty baby like me. After a few nights of doing my research on what carrier to buy, finally, I clicked on the Add To Cart button. Hehe. 
When it arrived at our doorstep, we immediately tried it. Heartbreakingly, babyR got stressed and cried! If only he knew the struggle I went through in putting the straps together ALONE! So I untied the straps at once to give him room to breathe in. 
On the next day, we tried it again! But, he still didn’t want to be in it. 
And so the day came (after almost 4 days of trying) when he finally gave in! Yahoooo! Happy mom ako! Our money was not put to waste! Hehe. He was able to sleep in it, too! 
Indeed, babywearing promotes convenience. It also boosts the bond between the mom and their little one. 
We also own a stroller (the lightweight one), and we find it useful also. Since strollers are not allowed in mall elevators, what we do is carry our little one when we stroll around. And use the stroller only when we eat. For us, both the stroller and the carrier are useful in their own ways. Teehee! 
You may visit their websites HERE and HERE.  They are on sale for upto 25% off on select items from December 15-17 only! 

Nakong’s Mei Tai – Php 998 to 1,208

Drool pads or Suck Pads – P210/pair

Cloth wipes -Php99/5pcs 


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