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Passport Renewal Day

It took me two months of waiting for my scheduled passport’s renewal day. Thanks to the hubby who unwaveringly searched for DFA’s available slot online and prepared all the documents I needed. (Yes, I’m that spoiled.)  You may also book your scheduled passport renewal or application at HERE. You know, I am not the kind of person who likes processing papers or anything with government agencies or branches. I resent falling in long queues and waiting for like forever. And so, I dreaded the thought of having to renew my passport for the first time.

My appointment with DFA was at 2:00 PM. Christmas season is rushing in that’s why I decided to leave the house earlier than I was supposed to. I left the house at 11:30 AM with a heavy heart because I would have to leave baby R with my mom-in-law. He got vaccinated yesterday so he was feeling a bit sick. HUHU. Anyhow, I took the LRT from Santolan and I got in Cubao by 12:30PM. Very hungry as I always am, I stayed at Gateway to grab some lunch. I miss “me times!!!!!” (Eating alone is just one of the BESTS. I get to think on my own and it somehow revives me.) At dahil sobrang namiss ko ang moments ko with myself, WENDY’S BIGGIEEEE! Hah! And of course, paired with KFC fried chicken which I also missed so much. (Hello to CS moms!)

At 1;30PM, I started walking to Ali Mall (walang ka-rush rush!) and when I got there, WOAAAAH. Anyare? Dami agad peeps. I should have just brought my lunch with me tapos sa pila na’ko kumain. DFA is located at the 3rd floor of Ali Mall. Grabe lang, so much has changed in this place. I used to work at National Bookstore here every summer nung high school ako (kunware masipag or mukha lang talaga akong pera lol.) Wala naman akong choice but to join them in their journey towards getting hold of their passports kaya nag-business na lang ako habang nakapila. Sagot sagot ng inquiries sa @shopspreemanila. Follow nyo yan guys and moms ha on Instagram and Facebook! Se-segue  lang pala. Hehe. But then again, no time wasted. Kumita pa ako. YEY. It didn’t take so much time na papasukin kami sa loob ng DFA. WOW. THIS IS NEW. Ang bilis ah.

Kyot nila kuya. Baka may dadating na visitors. Peace. 
Daming open na windows! WOW. 

In fairness naman with DFA, Ali Mall, mabilis ang service nila. I’m not sure lang with other satellite offices, but WOW, this is really new to me. The process was a breeze. Although syempre, hindi parin naman super hi-tech ung mga gamit nila, pero IBA ‘TO. Should I give the credit to DU30 administration? Aba, why not! Ever since he took the seat in Malacanang, nagkaroon ng pagbabago. Okaaaay. Politics. CUT.

After almost 3 hours, natapos rin ako. Medyo matagal din pero I think, mabilis na rin yun compared to what I experienced when I applied for a passport in MOA circa 2011. And most importantly, mababait and all-smiles na ang government employees! Have you guys ever noticed it? ‘di na sila irate masyado. Hehe.

Medyo napagod lang ako kakaupo at katatayo kaya I enjoyed walking until napadaan ako sa SM. Eh minsan lang ‘to. Kaya I visited the make-up section on the ground floor. Nasa langit na naman ako. YOW. That’s why, magh-haul ako! SM Haul dapat title ng post na’to eh. Kaya lang baka mabasa ni R. So wag na lang :p Nag-kape nga rin pala ako sa Coffee Bean kasi I’m saying goodbye na to Starbucks Planners! WOOOHOOO!


Reviews of these products on next blogs. 


Overall, I felt quite good with the process of renewing my passport at DFA, Ali Mall. Cheers to not doing this again for the next 10 years! HAHA!




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