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Pink Chiffon (Cakes and Cupcakes) 

My parents celebrated their 31st Wedding Anniversary yesterday. Yay! Papa told me that the secret to a lifetime togetherness is unfailing love for your partner plus lots and lots of prayers! I’ve always looked up to my parents especially when it comes to partnership. They’re so inseparable that one of them couldn’t sleep without the other. At first I thought it was overreacting but when I married R, it seemed all normal to me. Love wins! Haha. So, we visited them and thought a simple cake would give an added kick of sweetness to their lovestory. We passed by Lilac, R’s hometown which is also the food capital of Marikina, saw Pink Chiffon. And since we were running late already, we decided to just buy them one there. As we entered, Pink literally popped out infront of me. Haha. Too cute for my liking, though. 

Double Chocolate Mousse

Overall, I liked the cake but I think it could be better. But for the price, I should say it’s okay. They offer rice meals too, by the way. Maybe we could visit to try their bestsellers one day. There are just too many food chains in Marikina nowadays that’s why I’d like to call it the Major Food Capital of the Philippines! 

Taste: *** Ambience: *** Value for Money: **** 


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