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My Haakaa Breastpump Experience

Finally thought of something to write about! As you may have noticed, I changed my blog’s platform. I hope this would do me good in blogging. I’m saying “Goodbye, procrastination!”

I have been really really finding ways on how to make my life easier as possible. You know, being a bfeeding moo-ma is no joke. I cringe at the thought of leaving the house even just for a second. My baby just needs me every time. Or should I say, ALL. THE. TIME.  

Finding ways can lead you to success stories. Heehee. I was browsing my Instagram page when I stumbled upon this little thing full of liquidgold. It does wonders they said on blogs and reviews. So I did my own research and decided to order from @twelvelittlecabins. Whoa! It arrived the next day and being too excited  made me use it without reading the manual. Haha! 

At first, I was like, “not even one drop?!”  “I am never telling R about this”, I thought. He might spank me for being so compulsive on buying this. But after a few research plus reading the manual, I made something out of it. This is waaaay cooler than I thought! Just reposition the flange onto your breast, gently press the pump for a few times and voila! The milk would just come out on different directions! I’m telling you you’ll enjoy watching your milk ducts working soooo enthusiastically! Haha! 

But I would still use my Horigen Electric Pump whenever I can. I tried to use it after using the Haakaa pump and still managed to collect another 4 oz of milk on both breasts. Also, the size of Haakaa is not enough to hold my milk. So I always make sure to have an Avent Via Cup beside me so I can transfer the milk immediately and start pumping again. Overall, I would use it when I leave the house. It fits perfectly on my bag! But, I prefer to use the electric pump if I’ll be out for more than 3 hours. My breasts get really full after 3hours or so. 

I love using the Haaka pump during night feedings. Tres would normally be content with one breast so I would use the Haakaa on the other side. I get so tamad to get up to get all the electric pump accessories. We all go through that. Aminin! It’s more convenient to just put the Haakaa pump and cups near you for when you need it, it’s just there. No assembling needed. This is especially true every morning, too. Mommies get their breasts fullest in the morning! What I do is that I wake up Tres at 6am and feed him and put the Haakaa pump on the other breast. So that’s hitting two birds in one stone! First, I get to feed my son and second, I get to add milk to my stash, too! See. Cheers to making life easier for us, moms! 

Get yours now on Instagram @twelvelittlecabins for P1250. 

Keep on pumping, Moo-mas! 


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