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Pink Chiffon (Cakes and Cupcakes) 

My parents celebrated their 31st Wedding Anniversary yesterday. Yay! Papa told me that the secret to a lifetime togetherness is unfailing love for your partner plus lots and lots of prayers! I’ve always looked up to my parents especially when it comes to partnership. They’re so inseparable that one of them couldn’t sleep without the other.…… Continue reading Pink Chiffon (Cakes and Cupcakes) 

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My Haakaa Breastpump Experience

Finally thought of something to write about! As you may have noticed, I changed my blog’s platform. I hope this would do me good in blogging. I’m saying “Goodbye, procrastination!” I have been really really finding ways on how to make my life easier as possible. You know, being a bfeeding moo-ma is no joke.…… Continue reading My Haakaa Breastpump Experience