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Bar 2015 Diaries : 1st Sunday

Okay guys. I know I haven’t blogged for a really long time. I must have been so focused I couldn’t even visit my own page! Anyway, this post won’t be so much. I just have to share what I’ve felt yesterday. One day, I’ll thank myself for buying some time for this. Who knows, I might get lucky and pass the Bar! 🙂 

First and foremost, I want to thank the hubs for taking care of everything for me during the review. (I love you!) Side note: We’re celebrating our 10th month as husband and wife today! 
So here goes the story of the most excruciating exam in my life..
Arrived at UST around 6am. Ate at Mcdo and had a blast on their restroom. Alam nyo na ‘un! Walked toward the campus at around 7am (Gate 2). Tarayyy. Daming media peeps! Also saw two of my good friends in law school. Hi Atty. Evita and Grace! Lakad pa more. Surrendered my dreamy phone at the guard station. Medyo na-hassle ako sa part na ‘to kasi I didn’t get to call the hubs during lunch time. So in short, na-miss ko sya agad. Clingy mode. Epekto ng bar exam. At dahil nga wala kaming cellphone, we were not able to communicate with our Barops Team. ‘Di namin alam kung saang gate kukunin ang fudang. Long story short, di kami nakakain ng rice for lunch. But that was okay. Thanks to my mom-in-law for all your pabaon na tinapay and cadbury! It helped me get through the day. 
The bell rang at exactly 7:30 am. As i entered the room, I noticed kilala ko yung lead watcher! OMG. It was ate Daphne! Cellgroup leader ko who I looked up to many years ago. She’s still a law student when I met her. Sobrang bata ko pa nun. So eto na nga, I was seated at the far most corner of the room. Sira ang aircon. Sobrang init. Ang perfect ng moment. Second bell at 8am. Binigay na ang questionnaire. Okay, eto na talaga yun. There’s no turning back. Gosh, nanginginig kamay ko. Wait lang. 
Turned the questionnaire para makapagstart na. Omg. Nanginginip parin kamay ko. Parang katatapos ko lang magroller coaster. Ayan na, ayan na, mag-papass out ata ako. 
Prayed for peace and calm. Medyo okay na ‘ko. Yes! Makakapagsulat na, sa wakas. 8:15am. Question number 1. Read it once. Twice. Thrice. Yessss! I started answering Political Law questions. 
4 heart-pounding hours of writing. Haaay. Sakit ng kamay ko ah. Okay lang. Ginusto ko ‘to eh. Aray, sakit ng likod ko. Hay. 3rd bell. Passed my booklet at 12pm. 
Lunchtime. Walang rice. Okay. Pwede na ‘to. 2 flosses from Breadtalk. Lamang-tiyan na rin. Damihan na lang ng inom ng tubig. 
Kwentuhan with Jheng and Ara. Kaya natin ‘to guys. Kami-kami na lang nagpapalakasan ng loob. Nakasalampak kami sa corridor. Wapakels sa dumadaan. 
4th bell. Labor law na. Let’s do thizzzzz!!! 

Ang init parin talaga. Grabe lang ung baskil ko. Dedma na sa init. Sulat na ulit. Ang hirap ng Labor Law ha! Stocked knowledge na talaga! May recall naman kahit papano. Thanks to Judge Villarosa! 
Finished at 5:30pm. Uwing-uwi nako. Sakit ng ulo ko sa gutom. Lahat ng tao kagalit ko. Haha. Hugged the hubs ng mahigpit when I saw him. Blackout. 

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