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Real Life Series: Upside Down, Side to Side

Was there any chance in your entire life when you felt that day by day your energy deteriorates? 

Today, I am experiencing a lot of troubles, uncertainties, and worries on all levels. I feel like it couldn’t get any worse. Been wanting to just give-up because it’s somehow the easiest way to get through it.  I’ve been tossed around, upside-down, sideways to sideways. I wish everything is just a dream, or should I say, a night-mare. A night-mare too deep that I couldn’t be awaken from. 
It wasn’t easy until the reading today from ODB.ORG came to me. It says, 

“Taunting can come from anybody, including those who are close to us. Responding to them negatively only saps our energy. But God encourages us through His promises: He will never forsake us (Ps. 9:10; Heb. 13:5), and He invites us to rely on His help (Heb. 4:16).”

I know that worrying can keep myself away from God’s will. As I walk in this path He prepared for me, I stumbled upon a rock. Sure, it caused me pain. A lot of pain. My faith suddenly drops below the ground. I forgot every single thing He has done to keep me from gearing towards my goals, my aspirations. In just a snap, I belittled Him. I questioned His ways. I nagged Him. I was shaken by fear. I got shot right into my forehead. My soul crushed into pieces. 
I should be okay in 15 minutes. I mean if I fully trust God, then why do I worry like this? As I see it, those two hours of stewing and overthinking caused me nothing. 

Please join me in this prayer, 

Lord, it’s easy to let discouragement sap my energy
and joy. Help me to reject all agents of
discouragement in my life and to trust in You for comfort and strength.


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