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Rowena’s Pasalubong House in Tagaytay

Hello lovelies! I was out for the Valentine’s Day kaya I’ll be working on some backlogs. As promised, I will be sharing you today our experience with the infamous Rowena’s Pasalubong House when we went off to Tagaytay last weekend. It was liberating to see how things changed when we came to buy some pasalubong. We’ve visited this place for three times already last year and this time, I saw major changes. R and I are happy with it, though. Hence, the motivation to blog it now. 🙂

The freezers are much bigger now. They sell buco pie, pineapple pie, apple pie, etc. 

Look how tidy their products are!

Okay, I’m a bit curious about their wines. 

Boxes of pies and cakes pretty much have the same cost of Php180. Sweet!

All products are well marked of expiration dates. 

Look how their cakes were neatly arranged. So good to the eyes! #tempting

Sweetness is my weakness!


Voila! Our pasalubong basket!

For more information on their prices, you may visit and like their Facebook page HERE

Value for Money: 4 stars
Food: 5 stars
Ambiance: 3 stars
Accessibility: 4 stars
Availability: 3 stars

152 Barangay Francisco,, Tagaytay – Sta. Rosa Road, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

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