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Post-Wedding Series: That Budget Thing

Whaaaaat?! It is February already?? Whew. But I must say my January was nothing but a blast! This is crazy. Time flies so quickly nowadays, really. How about yours? How has your January been?
Now, I am formally introducing myself to you as Mrs. A! (Posting pics soon, promise!) I’ve got so much stories to tell. From the wedding preps to the wedding day and to whatever it is I must share as a wife to Mr. A. Maybe I’ll just skip on the pre-wedding and wedding stories for a while. So that there’s something to keep you abangers (waiting) of my posts. Haha.
I think all of us girls have, at some point, had a hard time dealing with our finances. Now is the right time for me to confess: I was never a saver, always a spender. I used to be very impulsive when it comes to spending and buying stuff. You have no idea how my eyes lit up whenever I receive e-mail updates about mall and online shop discounts. The feeling was like, “Well I get to save money by buying stuff on sale.” That was sale items which I didn’t get to put in use that much after buying. Oh, how come I called that SAVING?
Before we got married, R and I planned a date-night to discuss financial matters. The truth is, I was not comfortable having any type of conversation about money or anything to that effect. I acceded to his request just to have it over with. That night, I made sure R gets to know my stand on budgeting and that I was not exactly the type of a budget-friendly person. Although he knew this fact about me even before we started our plans to settle, it felt like bizarre to me. Having to admit to something I was guilty about felt odd and lowly. The next thing I know, we were slowly stepping our feet on to the next level.
Five long years in law school, I never had the chance to save money. Not even a single penny. And I was blaming law school for that until I learned that the biggest factor of not being able to do so is due to my own negligence.  I am the one who must be put to blame. I didn’t give a sh*t about tracking my daily expenses because I thought, I didn’t have to. And this might just be the culprit why I felt nauseous when R and I discussed about our family budget. Haha.
Come the day when everything has to change. Literally, my world just turned upside down-OVERNIGHT. Yeah, you read it right. (Just a reminder to newly-wed readers, drastic change can happen in a blink of an eye. In my case, it happened after 4 hours of sleep). Responsibilities came to me in an instant. There was no choice but to grab it, and accept the fact that I am now a wife, no longer a girlfriend. 

Going back to budgeting, it has been a  month already since we planned our “budget thing”. And so far, so good. I am really trying to cope myself with this pressure to his pleasure. Haha. Being nerdy that he always is, R made an Excel Worksheet file where we have to put our personal and family expenses. I was skeptic at first. I must also add that I almost fainted when he sent it to me. But you know, I am more than willing to give it a shot. It may not be for me, but who knows, I might just be very good at it. Let’s allow time to change us. As I have said in our personal vows, I am gonna be Sarah version 2.0!



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