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Colour Collection High Definition Lipstick in Raspberry

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Although I feel terribly sick lately, I am all excited that Christmas is fast approaching! And we all know that December is full of parties here and there! And so the traffic gets very annoying and depressing. I rarely complain about it because I don’t have to worry about it anyway but come January, I would! 

Being caught in traffic jams is not a good place to be in. All-day we want to look fresh and stay fresh. And we can only achieve it by having the perfect color at all times! I got this from SampleRoom last week and I felt refreshed! It came safely with a bubble wrap and I couldn’t resist to play with it. Haha!

The packaging is sweet and sturdy. But I think it’s too simple for its price. 

I can say that if I have to buy a lip color for its worth, I would just get something else. Not that I don’t like this one but I think there’s so much more to improve on this product. While it stays longer than expected, it makes my lips dry and dehydrated. It doesn’t work well with a humid weather like ours. 

Will repurchase? No.


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