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Mei Sum, Ongpin

Last Saturday, my law school friends and I decided to lunch out after our Taxation Law Review and before Commercial Law Review class. And being strategically located in Manila, we excitingly walked along Recto until we got to Ongpin! Oh, gosh! I didn’t have any idea we’re going there! Papa has always been telling me his stories about Ongpin and how he madly liked all the food there. So my heart went jumping upon learning I was actually stepping my feet on Papa’s food haven. Thanks for the treat, J!

We ordered three dishes for us four. We had Brocolli, Chicken and Sweet and Sour Shrimp. And of course, Yangchow! 

All I can say is that Papa’s right. Ongpin is the best place to be! I will definitely go back to try their shabu-shabu and noodles!

Mei Sum Tea House
                                        02 7336495 
                                                               965-967 Ongpin Street,Santa Cruz, Manila

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