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Olay Brightening Intensive Serum

43 days til the Big Day and I am becoming more and more worried about my face. The loads in school and work and wedding preps and everything in between are immensely giving me a mini-heart attack and worse, pimple-attack! Argh. Then upon reading reviews on serums of different brands and sizes, I finally decided which one to get! And since Olay products have been my consistent partner in skin care, I whole-heartedly gave their serum a try. I must say I was not used to following proper skin care regime until this breakouts! I swear that I will never ever sleep at night with my makeup on! I bought it at around 1,000php from Watsons. 
After washing my face, I let it dry and cleanse my face (again) with toner. After that, I would take a pea-size of this serum and apply it onto my face. After 2 to 5 minutes or so, I put moisturizer on. And voila! It’s a signal to my body that good sleep is coming ahead. Haha. 
I like that a little portion of it goes a long way. Its water consistency makes it easier to use. It has fragrance, though. But not as strong as other products I’ve tried. I have been using this for 10 days and  so far, no breakouts yet. 
It’s advisable to use this twice a day for best results. Once every morning and in the evening. What I also like about this serum is that it has particles inside that once you pump the bottle, the particles will crush and get mixed with the serum. You don’t have to worry about feeling eeky that the beads will conquer you face! 
After 30 days, I am hoping to get better results and will get back to you guys as soon as I can! 

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