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ELF Eyebrow Kit and Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream

Happy Tuesday, loveys! I’m back with another beauty junk review. And this time, I am sooo ready to have a back to back review on two of my newest fave products from ELF! First off, the Eyebrow Kit. 
This baby has been my favorite since 2012-ish. Aside from it being cheaper than any eyebrow kit which bring alot of enhancing promises, it’s very handy and long-staying! It comes with a creamy brown base and defining powder which creates natural effect! Also, the kit comes with an applicator for both palettes. It perfectly shapes your brows just the way you like it. I recommend this product to those who have a long day at work and/or school. In my case, I pretty much have a long day every day, and I don’t have any room for retouch minute anymore. Sad, but yeah, it’s true. 
Next is the Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream. 
This baby also comes in two palettes! Awesome, right?! And that’s me on the mirror! Heh. 
I find this product very enhancing! It matches my skin tone very well and functional. I use the blush (orange base) in the morning, and both at night. But I have to be very honest, putting on the contouring one can be very challenging because it is cream-based. 
But the promise of this product is true. It’s long-staying and it doesn’t cause me breakouts! Plus plus plus. It’s cheap too! I can compare this to that of Nyx’s cream blush. Only that, this product comes with one shade only. 
Overall, I love ELF for these products! You should try it yourself too. 🙂
Will I repurchase? YES!

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