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Tokyo Bubble Tea, Megamall

This is a “To-Go” place for me when I feel like eating Japanese cuisine or more so, ramen! Aside from the fact that it has a branch near our office, it is also strategically located at Megamall where I usually pass by so it gives me cravings almost all the time. I love everything about this place! So cute and cozy and Japanese-y. I can eat here every day! That is if I have the funds all the time too.
The pictures below were taken on different dates. I decided to post a review about it once I get to taste all their bestsellers! Apparently, I already did! 🙂 

Beef Ramen Php268.00 4/5 stars

Chashu Pork Miso Ramen Php238.00 4/5 stars

Seafood Ramen Php255.00 4/5 stars

Beef Gyudon Php195.00 5/5stars

Spicy Tuna Salad Php225.00 4/5stars


California Maki Php148.00 3/5 stars

Takoyaki Php 178.00 3/5 stars

Double Chocolate MilkShake Php 145.00 (Large) 5/5stars

Now, this is me and my happy date! 😀
And this is me with Cherry Blossom Feels!

What to love:
  • The price. Everything is good for 2.
  • Fast service.
  • Cozy ambiance.
  • Delicious meals!
What’s not to love:
  • I hope they come up with promo offers.
Will I go back? YES!

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