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Sophie Martin Philippines

I’m free! Feeling like “the first time in forever” moment as I am hitting the last semester of my Law School life! You have no idea how happy and triumphant I am as we speak. I am beyond excited to start this semester with a bang! The final exams have just ended but here I am, listing all the things I need to finish reading before the last sem begins. Okay, I must admit I’m feeling scared and at the same time, challenged. As a working student, I do not have the luxury of time like every full-time law student has.  This fact was my weakness. Nevertheless, it has become my strength. I may not have all the time that I need in the world, but months and years have passed and I get to train myself in managing it. This is just one of the many advantages of having to work while studying the “Laws of the Land”. Err. I can’t have too much of it. Sorry.
Enough of my life memes. Let me show to you guys how I am able to deal with everyday stress. I am a strong believer that a woman can never have too much bags. (Maybe) because we deserve it! And as soon as I finished my last and final exam, I rewarded myself with this! Just a side-story, though. I initially would want a Longchamp Planetes bag that I am eyeing on since forever. I find it very comfortable to use and I think it IS SOOO ME. You know the feeling when you find something that caught your eyes and your heart will skip a beat because you know it’s meant for you!? HAYAYAYAYAY. I felt that way with the Longchamp bag. That’s when I thought, “Someday, I will have you. Maybe even ALL of you.”
Okay, going back to reality. I signed up as a member of Sophie Martin last year when visited their main branch in Shaw Boulevard, along EDSA. I was ecstatic when I learned that I get 30% discount on every item on their brochure! So I did not think twice and grabbed the chance to be a part of Sophie Martin Philippines! Plus, you can start a business with it! AWESOME right?!

I bought Rigotte Bag! May I also add that Sophie Martin bags are very durable and sulit! This is my 3rd bag that I’ve got from them and I look forward to purchasing some more anytime soon 🙂
If you girls have this love for bags and on a tight budget, why not visit any Sophie Martin branches and grab one for yourself! Simply because you deserve it!

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