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MAC Brow Set in GirlBoy

I have a natural medium brown hair. However, I had it dyed with light brown simply because I am maarte like that. Haha. Parlors do not recommend putting hair color on brows because of its content. But for some, it may be an option. To some who can take the risks of being brow-bald. And I am never buying it. This product has been recommended by a friend who has a major brow color problem because aside from the fact that hers are thick, it also doesn’t match her natural hair color which is black black which she recently dyed with natural brown.
Bought  mine at Duty Free when R returned from Japan. I was all giddy to use it for the first time!

MAC Brow Set in GirlBoy $21.00, approx. Php924  at Duty Free Phils

How cute is my pink key? Gusto nya maki-join sa pic. Kiber. Haha.

Without MAC Brow Set

Sorry about the lighting, though. And excuse me na rin sa morning eye ko.
With Brow Set

I wish I had a better camera to snap all my blog pics. Sigh. Good thing, Christmas is just around the corner! *Jingle Bells cue*
The consistency is more like mousse or liquid foundation. It dries fast in 10 seconds. Don’t try to put on another layer once it dries up. It will appear cakey and obvious and somewhat heavy.

It’s best to put on some powder brow before applying the Mac Brow Set. Depending on your brow thickness, the effect may vary. I don’t have thick brows so I need to put on some brow powder in brown first. It is also a trick to shape your brows as this set does not intend to do the work of shaping. 

What to love: 
  • The liquid does not dry fast as long as you keep it intact.
  • The shade.
What’s not to love:
  • The price.
  • There are other products which cost cheaper but give the same effect.
  • It is not odorless.
Will I buy again? Not now.


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