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In2it Moisture Intense Lipstick

Do you ever go outside the house without any make-up on? Well, I don’t! And I can’t! You know, I have a very fair skin that sometimes people would ask me what brand of Glutha I use. How am I suppose to react to that!? Anyhoo, the point is, if I don’t wear any make-up on, you’d probably ask me if I’m feeling alright. It’s like I’ve been diagnosed with some skin or paleness problem. The thing is, I am not. In fact, I feel perfectly well.
That’s why I totally made myself equipped with putting some colors on my face. Not too dark, not too pale. Now, I’m sharing with you guys my favorite lippies to date! Please bear with me. This is gonna be the first make-up review on my blog. I hope not the last, though. 
Bought these two a year ago and they never failed me. 
In2it Moisture Intense in Pink Alarm
In2it Moisture Intense in Orange Peel 
The name of these lippies is the most exact definition of this creation. Not only does it give moisture to your lips but you can also apply it without applying balms or moisturizers at all. Isn’t it amazing?!
Look at the creaminess and the texture. Just right for the humid temp here in the Phils! 
My personal favorite is Pink Alarm! I feel like a Barbie when I’m wearing this. Haha! 
What to love:
  • It’s super creamy and moisturizing!
  • The price for only Php375.00
  • Pigmentation is at its best.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Long-staying, 
  • No awkward scent.
  • The packaging is chic.
What’s not to love?
  • Nothing really. 
Will I buy again? YES!


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