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KbyCunanan Final Food Tasting and Mock Set-up

We have successfully finalized our menu with KbyCunanan last October 10 at # 103 GreenMeadows Avenue, QC near Christ the King. They also did a mock set-up for us. Sweet! The bonus part is, we got to celebrate our 105th month! Yeah, we got this far. ♥
Wedding Package 1 (Buffet Service)
d i n i n g
FREE COCKTAIL HOUR – A set of hors d’oeuvres to welcome your guests as soon as they arrive

~ Buffet menu ~
4 Main dishes
5 Desserts (freebies)
Raspberry or vanilla iced tea, free-flowing
Brewed coffee and tarragon tea

Customer-oriented wait staff to assist and serve you and your guests
Use of flatware, glassware and dinnerware
Seated service for VIP guests

d e c o r
Tiffany chairs for all your guests
Buffet setup
Linen to match your color palette
Customized floral centerpieces to suit the mood of your reception
Presidential tables with individual menu cards and lovely florals
Candles and personalized table numbers on guest tables
Dressed tables for the wedding cake, registration and gifts
Cocktail tables at the cocktail area
Sofa for photo ops with guests
Your choice of backdrop for the couple’s area

e s s e n t i a l s
A bottle of sparkling wine for the toast
Note cards for family and friends who will leave wishes for you and A special gift from us for a minimum of 100 persons: Basic price, excluding upgrades P890 per head plus 10% service charge and 12% vat

I am so sorry I was not able to get pictures of our chosen hors d’oeuvres. But I promise to post it here once I receive all the pictures I have taken using R’s camera. 🙂

For starters, we choose (Pictures to follow):
Hoisin chicken wrap / Hoisin crackling pork wrap
Cheese & chorizo croquettas, pimiento aioli
Korean soft tacos / hard tacos
For bread, we choose:
Bread with pesto butter
For soup, we choose:
Paella soup
For salad, we choose:
Barbecue chicken salad
For pasta, we choose:
Spicy tuyo, angel hair pasta
Barbecued baby back ribs, corn with parsley butter / corn, creamed spinach and corn bread *2/5 stars

We did not like the overpowering taste of the sauce. Although it’s meat is tender, it does not complement our menu.

Seared tuna salpicao (medium rare)with olives, roasted garlic, baby potatoes and french beans *4/5stars

For fish, we chose this dish. The tuna is so soft and it tastes just right.

Slow cooked beef, mashed potatoes/mashed potato cakes *4/5stars

We all liked this one because the sauce magically matched the beef!

Japanese rolled chicken, cheese and leeks, teriyaki glaze *5/5stars
This is soooo delicious!

Lengua with mushrooms *4/5

We chose this because some guests might look for a traditional dish. But it’s good din 🙂

Carrot Rice *4/5stars
      And my most awaited part, desserts!

Banoffee cups *5/5stars

Chocolate mousse *5/5stars
Panna cotta with mango and Coffee jelly *3/5

For additional desserts, we choose:
Mixed fruit compote
Strawberry and cream cheese crepes
Queso de bola cheesecake
For beverages, we choose:
Raspberry iced tea (bottomless)Brewed coffee & tarragon tea (by request)

Our motif is Bohemian/Boho Chic. The colors would be Tangerine and Green with hints of other colors. Thanks to Nina for preparing this! She is such a sweetheart!

The linen and the runner will have to be changed to something more bright-colored. Then Nina said she will take care of the small colored candles to be placed on jars afloat. This is pretty much the set-up for all the tables including the VIP’s.


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