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My YES versus 100 Things

“Tell him yes. Even if you are dying of fear, even if you are sorry later, because whatever you do, you will be sorry all the rest of your life if you say no.”
August 31, 2014, the day I said YES to the man who I consistently prayed for over the yeaaaaaaaars. It was also cute that it was also his birthday when he proposed to me with our families around us. While it’s far from any other proposal every girl could ever wish, everything was beautiful and in place. It was “magical”.
Two or three weeks have passed and I still couldn’t get over the kilig. It’s not that I didn’t know he would propose, what I didn’t expect was that he would actually do it. Since we have already started our wedding preps a few months ago, I waived the right to experience this moment for practical reasons. But then, it happened…
In the most perfect time.

I didn’t know that having said “YES” to a marriage proposal would bring not only so much joy but also every thing that would threaten or in other ways, hurt, our relationship- may it be little or not. 
It sometimes pains me that I would pause for a while to remind myself that all my decisions would not only affect me but both of us. I feel nostalgic of myself. Whuaaat? In just a blink of an eye, I am no longer a sole creature. I am becoming more and more acquainted to the fact that marriage is not just about me nor the person I am marrying. It’s pretty much more about what I do and what WE can do as life partners. And this part deserves a separate post. Heh.
Indeed, saying YES to one thing means saying NO to 100 things the world could offer. Come to think of it, when you said yes to going out with some friends, you on the other hand, miss the opportunity to bond with your family over a cup of coffee and your favorite movie. It’s like saying No to other stuff impliedly. Yeah?

Lord knows how I have patiently waited for this very moment to come into life. I was mocked by some friends to the point that I almost believed that R is never going to propose to me or anything to that effect. I pushed myself to feeling something I was not supposed to feel in the first place. They almost made me believe that marriage is not instore for me. And that I don’t deserve it. In effect, I doubted God’s perfect plans for me. I seemed to have forgotten that I am God’s princess and that I was made to be loved.

And then this day came. No one knew about the proposal but his family. Our friends and family gathered around while I walk on cloud 9. The feeling of haziness was inevitable.

YES. This three-letter word means a hundred and even thousand more. Theoretically, it means closing my doors to possibilities of meeting other potential partners. (Not that I’m looking for any, just so we’re clear.) Glory nights at clubs are over. (I don’t do this one, honest!). Splurging on make-ups is officially ending (oh, boy.) I can go on and on and on listing things that one day, I am going to give up. But one thing is for sure, I could take hundreds or even thousands of this “What You Cannot Do Once You Get Married”  list, in exchange of having to be with the man whom I will spend the rest of my restless life with. As simple as that.

I would not trade R for anything. It’s somehow true that marriage can shake up our attitudes and feelings towards each other but he’s worth it, I know in my heart this is worth it. Together, we will make hundreds and thousands memories. You have no idea how fuzzled I am to work on my 100 Things To Do When We Get Married list! 😀

And oh, before I forget… THE CAKE!


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