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Inglot’s Cosmetic Philippines

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I am officially lusting over Inglot’s Berry Obsession!
Just this morning while browsing Nikki Tiu’s blogs, I realized I placed a comment on her post about Inglot’s lipstick product some days ago. I looked for it and tadaaaaaaaah! My heart skipped a beat drooling over this berry lipstick (again) she tried on. Plums get into me so quickly that I even thought of rushing to Inglot store in Glorietta right now. I mean, NOW. Sadly, I’m in the office. How I wish there’s a labor labor provision allowing employees to step out their office when they need to. I know, I know. That’s not going to happen. It will create chaos in the Philippine Industry HAHA.
Anyhoo, this is going to be the first blog post in this category. And don’t be surprised if all my posts in the next few weeks or months would all fall into this topic. Just a heads up 😀 Kidding aside, my final exams are fast approaching and I couldn’t hold my breath anymore. Two weeks and I’m done with my second to the last semester in law school! Woohooooo!
Too bad, R is flying to Japan once more on the 13th so I don’t think I will be able to go to Glorietta anytime soon. Well, good thing A is here to save me! I will try to ask her later and I am 100% sure she’ll come with me! Don’t ask. She’s my soul-sister, remember?!
I couldn’t get enough of this berry lisptick. And not only did I lust over it again, I suddenly felt the urge to write this post! How on earth did Inglot think that Freedom System will make all girls giddy!? YES!!! You get to choose your make up palette! WHUAAAAAT?? ARE YOU CRAZY?! Now tell me! AGHHHHH! Okay, I’m totally panicking right now and this is not helping me to focus at all. I feel completely disoriented. So I’ll just post the blog links I read this morning. I hope you guys won’t go ga-ga (like me) over the pictures. You’ve been warned. Heehee. 

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