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A is for Bessy

How come this topic crossed my head just now? I’ve known you for a very long time but I never had the chance to tell you how blessed I am to have met you when we were little– running around the church’s walls and halls and rooms and what-have-you. We were very young back then. All we had to talk about were dance steps, maybe song lyrics as we sang in the choir, our favorite color PINK, probaby our crushes and other stuff that normal kids discuss about.
Until the day we had to sleep beside each other as there were no beds left during our church camp in Cabanatuan. I pretty much think that was the day we really got closer. There’s so much more to say about that day. We both loved going on summer camps and CI’s together. We shared stuff –may it be tangible things or not.   
And then we grew a little bit older, both of us were elected officers in our church group. I was assigned in the Program Committee and you were very active in Secretariat Committee. We grew closer and closer as we stayed all-nighters in church preparing for camps. You were very very good at your artistic skills. You had me at your beautiful drawings of flowers, stick people, all that lines and circles! I really admire you for that. It is something that I don’t have and you filled it in for me. I can’t say that we think alike but yes, it’s almost true.

You were the one who made my materials for VCS more exciting! My students were always asking me who drew and made my visuals and I can’t thank you enough for that.

We even went to the same university! Although we did not have the same courses and we had different set of friends, I know in my heart, we are still those kids roaming around the church. Nothing has changed.

I can still picture us in the playground. We were both seated in the duyan when you told me you were crushing on someone. The best thing was, I knew him! And he was like a brother from another mother! My heart danced with so much joy that day. It’s not like we did not share a lot of secrets back then but that one was different. It was like more of a prayer rather than a happening. It was more than any other secrets told between us.

T (the one you had a crush on) did not know your feelings for him until I teased you in the bus when we were headed to a church camp. Sorry, I couldn’t remember where it was anymore. Heehee. You blushed with sooo much kilig! And I couldn’t be any happier either! I must say that God loves you so much that He allowed you to spend the rest of your life with the person you prayed about. ♥

You have a good heart and that what makes you even more beautiful.Your words are to encourage and to bless other people including me. Your thoughts are humble and your acts are pure. You spent time to know me from deep within because you love me unconditionally. No one can ever replace you in my heart.

And now the time has come and T asked for your hand in marriage, I pray that God may continue to bless you just as how He blessed me with this friendship. I love you and I always will. ♥


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