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Relationships and Everything in Between

Blogging is not what I do best. However, this is one of the best outlets I can think of. I get to share my
experiences and what I’ve learned from them. I actually made 6 blogs already in my entire life. None of them is close to this one, not even a bit. That’s because I have finally realized what this blog’s purpose is– to bless other people’s lives. 

This morning, I was going to work when I thought that I’ve got to put something here today. So I asked God to give me an experience to write about. 
These past few days had been laid back for me. I had no time to study because I was busy watching a Koreanovela entitled, “The Heirs”. I am not a KPop fan or whatsoever, just so you know (heehee). I loved every bit of it. It’s realistic but fairytale-like. It’s full of love and at the same time, hatred. Everything is in it. I remember myself crying a lot of times just to let my feelings sway to the mood. What struck me most was the final part. The characters got well with each other, which for me is very touching. Relationships may sometimes seem difficult, but in the end, it will be all worth it.
This is why I thought I should write about relationships. Let’s just not talk about lovey-dovey relationships, but all species of relationship there is. 
I remember talking to my mom two weeks ago. We both ended up tired the next morning when we chatted from midnight until 3am, I think. I just couldn’t remember how our conversation started, though. 10 years ago, I saw her as a caring antagonist in my life. She would always say no to my reasons why I need to go out with some friends, she would make me change my clothes if it’s too tight or too lose, she would not give me money if I make a mistake, she would always ask me to come early right after school finishes, she will always bring me food I don’t imagine existing, she always make me responsible for everything in the house.. blahblah. All these apply to my dad too. Until the day came when I feel like thanking her with my whole life. 
I am the eldest amongst 4 sisters. Yes, we do not have a baby boy at home. And we feel okay about it. Heehee. It’s not that we feel lack of something, but come on! Who wouldn’t like a boy at home who can get you out of trouble when needed!? Anyhow, I still feel blessed being surrounded with sweet little sissies after me. We have big age gaps. But we were able to deal with it so there’s nothing to talk about age gaps at all. Hoho. Or maybe I just don’t want to discuss the “age” thingy publicly. LOL.

I have this little planner when I was in grade 2 which says, “The sure-fire formula for success is to surround yourself with people smarter than you are.” Well said, huh. I’ve been through a lot lately and yes, I’m starting to believe ’tis true. Not that I don’t want to hang around with less thinkers but hey, you begin to know yourself more when you start to empower other people through your actions and words. So I have a different set of friends– a set for enetrtainment, a set to cry on, a set to laugh with, a set to shop with, a set to pour-over-your-heart-with, and so on. Let’s just say, a friend cannot always be a little black dress which can be worn to ALL types of occasions. That’s how life goes, you get to choose what you need for a moment.

Being at work is not what I imagine myself to be in the next 2 years. While it is true that I need to work so I can have the things I want for in life, it’s not work that can give you “Life”. There is something more than work. It’s just a lame excuse not to travel the world or climb a mountain or take the next trip of the bus to go somewhere with that special someone where both of you have never been into. Work is not the primary source of life. Atleast for me, it’s not. PS: I enjoy my work, though. I get to write like this during holy hours. Heehee. In short, I don’t actually engage myself too much with people in the office. Ah-huh.


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