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Stuck In Love: A Movie Review

“I could hear my heart beating. I could hear everyone’s heart. I could hear the human noise we sat there making, not one of us moving, not even when the room went dark.”

So this is going to be my first movie review in my entire life. I actually give comments and feedback and whatever in between, about certain flicks that thrilled me, however, I never had the chance to write them down. I was having my Me time when I suddenly thought of watching this movie called “Stuck in Love”. I was, at first, got all giddy to see it since Kristen Bell is starred on it. (I love her voice in Frozen.) What I did not know was that this movie will bring me to tears. 

Every character has their own unique roles. No one was left on the side during the scenes. I loved how the director and the writer mixed the characters together. The lines were well-written. The actions, the setting, the background music, were all put together in harmony. 
Okay, so I don’t have plans of getting too technical here. I am not really good at criticisms. I only do that IF badly needed. Well, I don’t intend to be a film critic either. I just want to impart my thoughts while I was watching it. Everything felt good inside me. It’s like the fire in me as a writer just broke out.
The movie was about a family who experienced a lot of ups and downs just like what every normal family does.. Good thing they are a family of writers! The mom and the dad got separated leaving the kids behind. After a few years, the kids were no longer kids and started to bring success in the family. The eldest, who planted anger in her heart because of her mom and dad’s annulment, got her book published! She was very young and talented and free-spirited. She never believed in love until one day, a guy who never gave up on her, who also happened to be a writer too, took the chance to be with her. 
The youngest son, who at first was borne to be a quite-spirit, made his biggest step to be with the girl he liked. He became a “Man” and had his very first sex experience with her. Until one day, the girl, who suffered from drug-addiction, went missing and was brought to rehab. That’s when his world all collapsed. He was advised by her father to turn this painful experience into a positive one. And then he started writing about her with a broken heart, and voila!– His book got published too!
I couldn’t tell the whole story anymore. You should try to see it yourself to really feel it.
So I realized that truly, everything happens for a reason. May it be good or bad, it’s up to us how it will affect our lives.
The most important things are the hardest to say- Stephen King

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