Notes to Self

I only have one month left before regular classes begin. And that means, it might take some time for me to post something in here. So here I am, trying to write posts as many as I could. J
I was thinking about random topics I should be dealing with when I came across this blog which almost made me cry. Okay, not really cry – just teary-eye. It was written by one of my sisters in faith who I crazily look up to since I was young. I loved the way she sings, the way she speaks, the way she thinks and practically everything. She wrote about her adventures and misadventures in 2013. It made me realize that at some point, we are alike. And this idea tingles me. Okay, I know I know. Just because we experienced the same things doesn’t mean we are the same human being. Heehee. And I said to myself, hey, maybe you should write about that too.
Okay, change of heart. I probably just have to write about what I’ve learned and experienced in the past that I should be reminded of (over and over again).

1.       I entered Law School. No one can blame me for doing so. I chose this path and there’s nothing you can do about it. I started it, then I will finish it. Just like that. J
2.       I chose to stay in at home and cuddle with myself than go out with wrong people at the wrong time (plus) in the wrong place. This mantra kept me away from bad forces. Well, atleast from some of them. I learned I could live my life to the fullest without being loud, wild and without being found in another person’s bed in the morning.
3.       It’s okay to let go of people whose best interest at heart is not me. Maybe there should be a category of people where you can classify them as A. Acquaintances B. Friends C. Real friends. Thank you to the awesome people in my life who never left me in time of distress. Who lifted me up and dusted me off when I stumbled. (You know who you are.)
4.       I learned to patiently wait. One shared with me Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. I have not forgotten it since. Indeed, there is a time for everything. In time, I will understand why the Lord has not given me so much of my “wants”. In time, I will thank Him for doing so.
5.      When insanity strikes, wisdom begins. If you are doing something that others do not do, then you’re on the right track. It means, you follow your own will. You know yourself very well.
6.      It’s okay for me to learn to cook. I actually tried some recipes I like; however, it’s just too much of a hassle for me. Again, it’s okay to learn how to cook.
7.      Buy or loan a car, if you can. Even it’s for the use of someone else in your family. It is a good investment.
8.      I don’t trust my seatmate when it comes to asking about lectures or assignments, he or she’s probably not listening to our professor too. Because I am sure, I am the one who he or she’s talking with. LOL.
9.      I started to live away from my family. Literally. I now stay in a bedspace near the office. I get to choose whatever food I want to eat. But I still see them every weekend because I freakin’ miss them ALL THE TIME.
10. BOX! Yeah, I learned to box to get fit. It is my dire need to lose 10lbs this summer. You know I am not getting any younger. Diet and discipline is the key.  
11. Refrain from posting selfies on Facebook. I once read that psychologists resolved that too much self-posing is a sign of narcissism. And I don’t want to be one.
12. Be honest. Stop pretending everything is okay even though they are not. Try to make the world a better place for you and me.
13. Avoid social media as much as possible. It doesn’t build relationships. In fact, it  destroys the good ones. Start making true communications with friends, loved-ones, etc. Invest time in real people.
14. Think twice before you share too much of your life stories to others. Again, your life is your own. You don’t want people meddling with your issues anyway.
I will update this list once in awhile because I really have a LOT to remind myself of every waking day. I just can’t pin-point all of them right now. How about you? What’s on your list?

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