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I Am My Own Hero

Fuck. I got trapped here inside a room in the office. I honestly don’t know what to do or feel. No one can hear me from the outside. No one can see me either. I was just supposed to call someone to fix my AC.

Fuck. What the hell happened to the doorknob. Fuck.

Bang! Bang! Bang! I keep jamming the door to death. Still, no one can hear me. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Finally, I’m at peace. The computer here is working. I can send a message to anyone on the outside.

Can someone please open the effin’ door.

Now everyone knows I’m here. Fuck. This is shameful.

One of our managers comes close to the glass wall and checks on me. Great. I’m feeling great here. How about you? Thank goodness he decides to get help from someone in the engineering department. Wait. I have to call my mom.


Still ringing.


Mom,  I’m stuck here. I don’t know what to do.

Mom is the most caring person I know in the whole universe. She never fails to make me laugh.

I’m calling the police.

Wait, what?

Stuck here for almost 2 hours, I realize how things should really work. Talking aboutSHIT works wonders. People are too busy with their own business. They will not even glance at you when you cry for help. Monkeys are better than people when it comes to human/monkey interaction (atleast monkeys get to be excited whenever they see other creature, I think.)

While some monkeys people will just stare. Some will stay. I don’t know why it works that way but it does.

Today and at this very moment of being trapped here, I learned that you are your own hero. No one can ever come to your rescue when you’re in trouble but yourself– your inner-self. You need to learn how to respond to every circumstance that comes your way, be it good or bad. You do not, in any way, need a hero to save yourself from being trapped into something. It’s your attitude, thoughts and confidence that will dig you out of it.

And oh, today I got to know who amongst my friends/colleagues are part of the monkey team and who’s not. Thanks to the F doorknob.


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